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While environmental management is the responsibility of all staff within Auckland Motorways, the Environmental Management team is specifically tasked with reducing the effects of the motorway on the surrounding environment and ensures that Auckland Motorways complies with the Resource Management Act (1991).

The environmental effects of the operation of the motorway network must comply with current legislation and resource consents issued to the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA). The Environmental Management team provides advice on planning and environmental management, identifies potential environmental risks and provides tools and resources to manage those risks.

Auckland Motorways operates under approximately 50 resource consents on behalf of the NZTA.

These include consents for discharging treated stormwater and other discharges from maintenance activities, contaminated land, coastal occupation consents and the discharge of trade waste to the wastewater system. Auckland Motorways covers a range of human and natural environments. Some such as the dotterel habitats on the North Shore, require particular care, which the Environmental team assists in.

While the operation and maintenance of the motorway has the potential to adversely affect environmental aspects including visual quality, stormwater quality, biodiversity and noise, Auckland Motorways is focused on reducing and minimising the environmental impact.

AMA Environmental Policy Statement