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What information is required for a network access application ?

In order for the AMA to carry out an accurate assessment of the application, it needs sufficient information to fully understand the project and why access to NZTA's State Highway network is needed. Together with an assessment of the project's impacts on the network, the AMA also request the following information:

  • An accurate description of the proposed project, including location plans, cross-sectional drawings and sketches;

  • Name and address details for the project sponsor, including their project manager;

  • The methodology for carrying out the works, including identifying adverse effects on the road reserve and traffic operations, and your proposed measures to mitigate these effects (TMP if available);

  • Access to and from the worksite, together with frequency of movements;

  • The number and type of vehicles, equipment and personnel involved in the operation, with details of where they will be located;

  • An indication of the proposed start date and duration of the project;

  • Confirmation that you have any applicable Resource Consent for this work - please send a copy; and

  • Any other relevant information such as plans, annotated aerial photos, etc to assist NZTA and AMA to understand your project.